Bitcoin private key is on this website

On this site you can try your luck and try to find a bitcoin wallet with a non-zero balance on it. But you know, this is almost impossible. If you still want to try to find a wallet, click the button below.

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How does this work?

In fact, this website does not have a database of all the private keys, which would take up an incredible amount of disk space. Instead, keys are procedurally generated on the fly when the page is opened. The page number is used to calculate which keys should be on this page.

Automatic balance checking

The balance of each wallet is checked automatically. Balance wallets are colored green. Wallets that were used in the past but are now empty will turn yellow. Wallets that have never been used are red. Bitcoin balance checker is powered by

Why is it almost impossible to find a private key from your bitcoin wallet?

In fact, your private key is just a number in the range from 1 to 10⁴⁸ (for comparison, the number of grains of sand on our planet is about 10²⁴). Just to sort out all possible private keys, you need to spend EVERYTHING that the sun has been producing for 32 years. Or make every computer on the planet work for billions of years.

Another example - now all hard drives on the entire planet contain approximately 1 zettabyte of information. If someone just wants to store all possible private keys, then they need 25,000,000 zettabyte for that. You can indulge yourself personally and go to to generate keys with addresses and you will never never find an address already in use, even after spending a million lives.

This is what makes it possible to generate private keys and addresses without an Internet connection at all. In fact, you can take a coin and flip it 160 times in a row and write down "1" on a piece of paper if it is tails and "0" if it is heads. And this will become a very secure private key. No one will ever be able to throw out the same result 160 times in a row like you.

Moreover, you can, for example, download the site and run it locally, disconnecting the computer from the Internet altogether (the site is open source and runs Client-Side). Select the "Brain Wallet" tab and write any most complex phrase or set of words (preferably at least 12 randomly generated words from the bip-39 standard), which you can remember (in fact, you can at least upload all volumes of war and peace there). Now press "Viev" and voila, your phrase has become a private key and address. In principle, you can forget about the private key, because at any time you can restore it from your original phrase (using the standard SHA256 algorithm), and write down the address and send at least a million dollars in bitcoins to it. For reliability, after that, you can burn the computer without connecting it back to the Internet, and scatter the ashes down the wind (it turns out that your phrase, like the private key, has never "touched" the Internet). That's it, access to a million dollars is ONLY in your head, and your money is under a much higher degree of protection than that of the best Swiss bank.

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